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Monday, 18 October 2010

Another air rifle foray

Well I was short of a plan, work was slow, so the vehicle was loaded with various bits and pieces. Air gun on top just in case something popped up on the horizon.
The weathermen had finally got it right and the sun was shining.....for now!! When we come to this bit of land we always tend to have a look round all the collective permissions in the area, well it is a 1.5 hour trek!
We arrived around 8am and a good walk round revealed plenty of rabbits, I walked back to get the air rifle and was greeted by a large boom, the farmer at the back in all his wisdom had placed one of those gas scarers in the middle of his field.
I grabbed the rifle and had a stroll round of the field that was now devoid of any sort of wildlife at all, totally disheartened I set off back when I heard a familiar noise and a flap, I stopped and crouched down, looked in the direction of where the noise had been and there it was, I steadily lifted the S410 and scoped into the head.

 Tonights dinner was not going to be wrapped in cellophane after all!!

Further along one of the locals had come in for a closer look, there is nothing more special than creeping up close and personal to something that is naturally one of the most jumpiest of creatures!!


Happy hunting people


  1. What a nice animal

  2. Your not wrong David, it is always nice to see them running around in the early morning mists!

  3. It is mate and so close as well what a treat we had

  4. How close was that deer to you . Nice hat by the way , i didnt think you actually wore it.

  5. it was about 25 30 yards away

  6. I have a strange fetish for hats, the weirder the better!!