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Sunday, 31 October 2010

A day out with the ferrets

Well a very early start this morning as the designated driver turned up in British Summer Time mode!!!! How many times over the last week have we been told to put our clocks back and to enjoy an extra hour in bed.......must pay more attention David ha ha

Anyway, we had time for a few coffees whilst we loaded the pickup with the usual bits and pieces, which meant I would be p**sing like a racehorse for the rest of the day!!

We got to the farm for just after 6.....the time I was supposed to be picked up.....and were shown to a few new warrens that had enlarged over the past months, this side of the farm gets badly flooded over the next few months and the rabbits tend to move on, so its best we hit it hard and make a dent.

A nice wall section for a change, the rabbits were rattling around in the walls in a bid for freedom

There has always been a fascination for me when it comes to ferreting walls, I think its the total randomness of where the rabbit will appear from!

The ferrets are easy to track using the Deben Ferret Finder, the MK3 has made our job so much easier

looking for the front door!!

As always, a dig is afoot.....and as usual theres as many stones underground as there is above!!

And for my next trick.........

.........Taa Daaaaa!!!

Oii whos nicked me dinner!!!!     

Not exactly sure what these where, but I can't imagine they are tasty......time to dust off my Collins book of Mushrooms!!

Hope you enjoyed this, another post will follow tomorrow, 2 more warrens from this excellent days ferreting!! one of them has to be seen to be believed for its size.

Happy Hunting

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