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Monday, 25 April 2011

Selby Game and Country Fair 2011

It was a cloudy morning but the weather was to warm up nicely, lets hope so cos it was bloody freezing!!

As we walked around the show it was becoming apparent that the show was more car boot than game! Rides and cheep tack stalls were scattered everywhere, the food prices again were extortionate! This seems to be the way of game fairs though these days, no longer are they just a way for like minded people to meet up but a way of squeezing every penny that you are carrying out of your wallet!!

In the main ring was a motorcycle show?? but it was enjoyable, the guy with the mike and the riders bouncing of each other with banter. Here we see the biker ramping over him!!

 and then jumping up onto the vehicle!

Whilst walking round me and David decided to get a bit competitive, well, as competitive as you can get with an ex champ clay shooter!!!!

Davids first shot was as I was expecting....a hit.....but his eye wasn't there and he got 8 out of 10

My first time ever at clay shooting, I'm being shown the basics and how to keep ones eye looking down the bead below the dropping clay

 My first shot was a hit, but this my second was a miss.....beginners luck maybe!!

My total score was 7 out of 10

We walked round again later and couldn't resist a second turn......David scoring 10/10 and me getting 9/10......I was well pleased!!

Carlton Towers, the siting of the show is a very grand place,  a 19th century Victorian Gothic Revival house, located in the village of Carlton. The original part of the house dates back to the 17th century, with 200 acres of parkland to explore it is one big area!

Here we see Mr Pearson tieing a purse net in the net making competition on the East Coast Ferret Rescue stand. This was were many members of the Rabbiters site met up for tea, coffee and a bloody good chat!!!

At the end of the day a charity auction in aid of Teenage Cancer Trust was held, items that had been donated of the rabbiters site and from some of the stalls that were attending the show!!

It was a really good end with a large amount of money being raised, one of the prized items a Hand Made Knife from J.E.S!!

All in all a good show for catching up and if you take all the crap away that shouldn't be allowed there in the first place, then a good country lets see where the next one is!!

Happy Hunting


  1. It was a great day mate good banter between all the rabbiters and you did really well at the clays maybe next time we will take the guns and do the full layout.them bike lads was bloody mental. Heres to the next one

  2. Sounds like a decent day out . Looks like you did better at the clays than the jerkbaiting

  3. Yeah cracking day Dave!! Looking forward to some more clay shooting, and as for jerkbaiting Lee, we'll just leave it at that LOL