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Monday, 18 October 2010

A day out with the air rifle

Well nothing much on this week so I decided to take my air rifle out for a bit of fun and scoping up, firstly to a spot where I could check my aim with the S410

Not much about at the moment, on this plot of land, Myxi has hit hard which is an awful shame, just seems like a waste of good meat to me!!

A few walks round the farmland and finally I have spotted something to test my scope out, a lone rabbit that looks healthy enough. Its very strange, and I don't know if its just me, but when I'm sat plinking a few pellets at paper targets, my breathing is fine and I don't shake at all, but once a rabbit is in my scope I can never seem to pull it all together till I repremand myself!!

But this time the rabbit is in my sight, and I have sorted myself out into a comfy position, checking for brambles and other spiky things that make shooting a problem, the bead is in the right place and the sound from the rifle is minimal, so surgical is this game since the invention of Pre-Charged Pneumatic Rifles.

The result.....

Tea will be served with buttery mash, carrots and peas, with a nice rich gravy!!

Happy Hunting


  1. mr dean that is my gun in that last pic

  2. I didn't have the bipod on mine, so the photo wouldn't have looked right.......I hope you don't want commission!!!

  3. i think £20 should cover it mate lol