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Saturday, 20 November 2010

A New Magazine

A great new magazine has come out this month, for anyone who is interested in it see below

The newest quarterly magazine solely for the fieldsports enthusiast. Written by sportsmen who take an active role in keeping alive our way of life.

   Every issue is packed from cover to cover with articles ranging from the "how to" piece and the "funny story" that happened whilst out in the field. At the same time dealing with issues of the political nature that threaten our sport.
   With articles only being written by truly enthusiastic sportsmen, you know it will be worth reading and based upon actual knowledge and experience.
   With articles written about subjects ranging from the working Lurcher to our sporting history, pro pest control and shooting disciplines, The Warren has something for everyone.
We will try to promote all aspects of fieldsports, but to do this in an accurate  way  we need to hear from those who undertake these sports.

A link to the website

I have written a piece in the first mag and look forward too writing a lot more, the guys who produce the magazine are Over The Hedge Publications, and in December are releasing my first book for me, its a Carp Fishing story, based on my life as a Carp angler before everything went pear shaped, the second book will tell the story of how it all went a little too far.......more to follow!!

Happy Hunting