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Sunday, 12 December 2010

Just a quick one.....

Well, many apologies to anyone who has been popping on and waiting to read another thread, due to work commitments and some very bad news about my father I had to take time away.
The news is good though, my father who was diagnosed with cancer of the stomach has had his operation and things are looking good....Its a long road to recovery but the first steps have been taken. As for the ferreting well that will recommence on Saturday 18th December....or this Saturday to be exact!!
Thanks to all the new members who have joined recently and I hope to have time over the next few weeks to contact you and welcome you to this site.
Again I'm very sorry for not being round but play will resume forthwith ;-)

Happy Hunting!!

p.s a new permission has raised its head, so we have plenty of land to mooch around over the coming months, I hope you'll all be there to follow the action.


  1. i am glad to hear your dad is on the mend mate so we are out this week then

  2. Saturday is looking solid mate!!

    Can't bloomin' wait!!

  3. role on the stinkers are raring to go thay have not seen a rabbit for a month might give the young one's a go