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Monday, 6 December 2010

My Carp Fishing Book

Well after many years of writing and rubbing out and rewriting!!! I've finally got my story about the life and times of one of the Bivvie Brigade, packed full of humour and with moments were a single tear will roll down your face, this book is the first part of a two part story following my ups and downs as a fisherman.

Feel free to pop on the below link and get one ordered.......signed copies available   ;-)

Tight Lines

This has now entered a second print, the next book is due out in April-May with a few others to follow, one on Hunting and one for all you hunters out there, its a hunters cookbook, with all the finest recipes for Rabbit, Venison and other game.


  1. hows the book sales going mate

  2. Not too bad mate, hopefully I can send a few off to magazines for a review and maybe offer a few for competititions, get it into the public domain!!

    I'll let you know if I make it onto the WHSmith top 10 PMSL