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Wednesday, 20 April 2011

End of the season

Well it came sooner than expected, I've had a few days out for a mooch but way to many pregnant Doe's to warrant any control.
It doesn't seem right spoiling next years rabbiting stock, so the next few months will be spent catching up with friends at all the shows happening around the country.

So this week was Kelmarsh Fair, a cracking show and it meant a trip over to a friends in Lincolnshire. Which also meant a mooch and BEER!!!!!!

As can be seen in this picture the local Crow problem is huge, with a large amount of crops in this area the amount of wood pigeon was phenomonal aswell!!

So like I said, a bit of a mooch and a quick look round to see if we could find anything of interest.

Then one of the terriers disapeared.........barking like mad!!

and then the Lurchers went running off very sharpish

Could we find them.....No!!!

Could we find what they had chased.......No!!!!

Eventually they came back, out of breath and stinking of fox.........never mind....Next time!!

And to end the weekend just a few drinks and the usual drunken chat!!

The show was fantastic, and with a great bunch of lads the Craik was even better.......Heres to the next Show!!

Happy Hunting

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