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Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Harewood House (Yorkshire Game Fair)

The event was going to be great, I had read the attendees and even though a few of the regular faces
 were missing I honestly thought it could still be the show of the year!
I realised after about half an hour of wandering round, I was totally wrong!!

 The setting is fantastic, with Red Kites circling round overhead all through the day, and beautiful gardens to wander round.

But that isn't why I'd come today, today was for a Game fair!!

As usual one of the attendees was the excellent Helicopter ride, I did this once at the Welsh Show and decided there and then that that was the last time ever......If god had wanted me to fly he would have given me wings and a much smaller arse!!!

The BASC stand had yet another fantastic clay pigeon shoot, I had a 40 bird shoot with David and failed miserably!! It was much easier when someone stood behind and told me what too do, but I have been bitten by the bug and signed up for some training locally. So can't wait to start that!!

Now as I only took a few photo's I can't really show you the size of the event, but this link will show you what was there
Yorkshire Show Event List

It was well attended, the stalls that I would class as worthy Game Fair stalls were great, but I feel that not enough are attending and therefore the chance of a bargain are few and far between.

My overall rating of this show would be 6/10, and I think i'm only being this generous because the people I attended with helped to make it seem better than it was.

Happy Hunting

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  1. It was good beating you again at the clays mate but you did really well at them and you did shoot better when i started telling you where you was on them and how to correct it