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Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Nearly there now!!

Well the season will soon be starting again, a lot of time during this very long close season has been spent visiting shows, mooching round the old hunting grounds and finding new places to exercise the ferrets!!

This weekend myself and Dave went too a couple of places just for a mooch, we took the air rifles (just in case) but we were just seeing if the breeding had been successful!

I wasnt overly disapointed, there were a few rabbits to be seen, and within the next 2 weeks we plan to try a lamping session to see if there numbers increase at night.

Just one I managed to spot out of the corner of my eye

 Only small I know, but even the little ones do there fair share of damage!!

So heres to the next few weeks, and hopefully a batch of new photos and stories to share with you all!

Happy Hunting

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  1. It was a goodday mate and i didn't even see that one you shot until you had shot it