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Saturday, 1 October 2011

Too Hot For Ferrets

What a day, the forecast was for hotter weather than we have experienced all week!! We loaded the truck with Purse Nets and Long Nets, a few boxes of Ferrets and lots of drinks for the ferreters and also the ferrets!!

It started off with one of the nicest sunrises I've seen in a long time

This was taken just before we picked Joe up, when they said it was going to be warm again......they weren't kidding!!!

When we got the nets set up we rested the ground to let the rabbits get there confidence back, when its warm the rabbits are less likely to bolt and digs would be frequent!

Just looking back at the photos we took reminds me of how gorgeous this land we have really is.

This banking right next to the river shows how the rabbit burrows increase the erosion of the land

And as expected a dig was to be the first rabbit from this set!!

Thankfully Joe had elected himself to nip back to the truck and grab the drinks....that we had all forgotten to bring!!

This shot shows the size of the last warren we did today, it is huge and requires a good few stop nets to avoid the dreaded hole jumpers!

The last thing we need are dead ferrets, so there collars are removed and they are placed at the waters edge, they can take a drink or even go for a swim, whatever, it all helps to cool there body temperature down, which is very important during warmer weather. Ferrets struggle to control there core temperature when its this hot.

On the way back home we stopped off to do a warren that just needed know the type I mean, it wasn't planned but enough just isn't enough when it comes to ferreting!!

The end total was 16, sorry no shots of the rabbits, but as we caught them they were stashed away somewhere cool before gutting and loading. I can almost taste the delicious meals I will be making with these this week.

Happy Hunting.

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  1. It was bloody hot mate that hot i could not be bothered doing anything