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Saturday, 17 September 2011

I should have brought flippers!!!

A day out with young Joe and David had been arranged and the weather promised to be wet.....but we are bloody nutters so we decided to go rabbiting anyway!!

As I got the tackle ready a gorgeous rainbow popped up showing the two different types of weather that would follow us round today!

As its still early in the season the vegetation hasn't died back yet, the nettles and thistles were very abundant in the areas we needed to be.
A quick look over the wall and even more rabbits were showing there faces.....check out the black one towards the middle of the picture. Black rabbits have always carried a bad luck omen with them, to catch and kill would bring a death to the family of the catcher, it was said.
It is also said that the Myximatosis flee was dropped from trains on the back of black rabbits to spread the disease.......but who really knows!!

After the first storm passed over we got down to the serious job of catching a few, see how I have created a long net with a very loose bottom (ooerr missus) line, this helps when running out over uneven ground, as long as the top line is tight it will still catch every time.

 The length of this warren can be seen in this photo, in the time it took us to ferret each and every hole we were pounded by two more storms, very heavy and very wet!!!

Never a good place for a dig, but Joe's ferret 'Nutjob' had decided to hold one in a stop end......right underneath one of the tree's main roots.....Happy digging Joe!!

The rabbits were coming thick and fast today, at this point we had about 8 rabbits, just after this photo was taken the sun decided to come out and leed us into a false sense of security!!

Blue skys and my jacket drying in the suns rays, the clouds had totally disappeared and we were left with a very warm and not at all wet day..........but that would all change before we got this warren finished!!

Just a few holes left and Dave was letting last years Kits have a play round, letting them take in the smells and get used to what hopefully will be a very productive first season for them.

End of Day shot and the rain had returned just to wet us through to the skin before we got in the car! The end of day total was 14 rabbits in about 4 hours ferreting between storms.
Wet clothes but very happy faces, farmer will be well pleased, if we can get this number and more each time we visit, his problem will soon be over.

Happy Hunting

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  1. It was great mate i forgot to bring the soap and shampoo so i need to have a shower.But we always keep our promises when we make them we carry them out and today was no exception