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Monday, 14 November 2011

Another day.....another rabbit!!

Another local farm gave us a call to come and sort out a rabbit problem he was having.........and always willing to we went!!

Whenever you set long nets you pray that the local cattle population don't get inquisitive and wander to close.

we brought a good mixture of Male and Female ferrets, not knowing what sort of warrens we were going to come across

Its great to watch them being their normal inquisitive selfs, they could definately smell the rabbits scent.

Dave with the first dig of the day.....there was to be a few of these!!

Here we see one of the rabbits being pinned into a stop end by 2 ferrets.

A quick pull and twist and the rabbit is no more, it would be unfair for the animal to suffer.

Then back in to check, and another is further along the tube.

Surely there can't be another in the stop end!!

Nope, two was our lot from here

Here Im just checking a 2 holer we found in the middle of the field, no-one home.....but its better to check.

A cracking warren, that ran a good way along this bank, a few digs would be necessary here.

You dont realise the noise these things make until your stood next to one!

 The fresh diggings were a mix of shale and soil, there are a lot of old mines round these parts and the thought of your ferret dropping into an old shaft never to be seen again can be quite scary!

A squeal is heard by Dave........

And close to the surface a rabbit is trapped........

 ...........and another...........

and then another.........4 came out of this hole!!

and then a purse net is placed over the top so as we dont backfill and create a trap for the ferrets.

The fenceline here was quite well worked by the rabbits, the smell was very strong.

2 holes right next to each other, its better to use 2 nets than 1 net stretched over both, this saves on escapees.

Dave monitoring (resting more like) the other side of the fence

Thankfully one more made 11, not a high number but still a good day and a happy farmer.........and Ive just been told theres more permission coming off the back of this one!!

Happy Hunting.

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  1. It was a great day mate and if i wernt sat there we would of lost that rabbit