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Tuesday, 29 May 2012

It seems like an age!!

It feels like years since I managed to get out and worry a few rabbits!! With everything happening at home Ive had no time to get out, we are in the baby season at the moment, the old addage of "No rabbiting in a month without an 'R' in it" still seems to work, but any month with a vowel in it at the moment would be more precise!!

Well Ive been rehousing the ferrets over the past month, with 2 deaths close by I thought I had a severe problem, so we quickly mated a couple of jills and are now awaiting the results. These are my 2 ferrets which died, Fez and Snowy, they were twin sisters who I picked up off a guy in Fezakerley in Liverpool, which is how Fez got her name, that was back in 2006, they were 2 year old then, so at 8 years old they had a good old innings.

The old hutch looked like this and it was great, but as always, I wanted a bit more, so I sat down with pictures of 3 friends sheds and asked them what they would change about theres if they could.

 The new ferret shed is the outcome of all the questions I asked, and I think it looks great, the bonus is it has been made from lots of freebie materials from work, Its clad in UPVc cladding and has a vinyl on the roof that should outlast me......we'll see!!

This was when I got the outer shell up and clad, and started building the internal hutches

This is the external run area, the bit that had the sheet over it on the photo above, since this photo it has been hinged and bolted with locks for security, the ferrets can access this through pipes connected to the internal hutches

This is the inside which has a 3rd section above being created for breeding and using as an area for sick ferrets

Its still ongoing and i'll get a few snapshots up when its finished,whilst writing this ive just had a phonecall to attend a rat and rabbit problem locally, so watch out for the write up this weekend, thanks for your patience and hopefully we can get this blog back on track.


p.s I must thank Dave who popped round and gave me a days labour on the cladding, top bloke and hopefully he's up for a bit of ratting this week!

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