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Tuesday, 12 October 2010

A ferrets new start

Its been a while since I took a fresh new ferret out with me, but today had a definate rabbit catching feel to it, so car loaded and ferret housed off we set.

 Its only a small warren so its perfect to try out a newbie!!

 The small jill was entered slowly, in she walked, and out she backed, then back in just a little further, and again out she backed.......but this time a whiff of rabbit must have stirred something in her mind, and off she shot.
With a pitter patter and a rumble the first rabbit hit the net, but the jill was nowhere to be seen, other things on her mind no doubt, then out of another hole she popped, quick sniff and roll around and straight back in!

A nice start for the little jill!!

Again the thumping of feet and then quiet, a quick check with the ferret finder and a depth of 2 foot is noted. Not a big dig and its always a good way to warm up!!
Shovel in and a foot down, check the depth and ferret is moving, this time rabbit hits net and it has a passenger, the ferret is firmly attached to it!!

Two in the bag, not a bad first trip!!

Well don't want to push her, so after gutting my soon to be lunch, her reward is the livers and kidney. Content is she and so am I, this is the start of a long and happy relationship between man and beast.

The thing is now, what do I call her, my other ferrets were named by my kids and followed a Harry Potter theme. We have Harry the Polecat and Albus Dumbledore, an Albino of course!! So what about Minerva McGonagall .............i'll let you decide!!


  1. That little jill worked really well on it first ever time

  2. Lovely story! I was looking up ferrets and came across this. My ferret named willy is sleeping in my pocket as I type this. He is all tuckered out.