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Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Its work work work!!

Really sorry haven't had time to post anything recently, but I've been incredibly busy at work, but I can guarantee that this weekend is a full on rabbiting's to follow!!

I managed to do a lot of mooching this week on quite a lot of land that I have picked up close to home. The hot spots have been found and noted, plenty of places to sit in wait with the air rifle, quite a few places to try snaring and even better theres plenty of warrens to get the ferrets some exercise!!

So although its been a quiet couple of weeks on the blog, I can see the next few weeks making up for it, even had a call to sort out a pair of squirrels, so i'll make sure I get that on here, and include the recipe of my famous Southern Fried Squirrel's on mouth is watering just thinking of them ha ha


  1. all work and no play makes chis a very dull boy

  2. Your not wrong there mate, can't wait to sell the house, get moved, get settled in and then get rabbiting!!