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Monday, 15 November 2010

Somewhere totally different!!

A couple of hours up the motorway is a place I travel to each year and spend a weekend with some great friends, its one of those weekends were the rabbits are just a bonus to the craic we have!

It starts with a day of ferreting and ends with another excellent day of ferreting, and this year we will be concentrating on some hedgerows, not sure how the photo's will look as I forgot my camera and had to use my phone!

As can be seen, the hedges were very long, and bloody prickly, blackthorn and nettles, what a lovely combination when purse netting!!

The dog always knows which hole is about to be used as an exit!!

The rabbits were flying out of the hedgerows

I think this photo best shows the length of the hedgeline, I'm about halfway along this one!!

This is the end of day shot for the first day, I think it was 25 rabbits with one Myxi victim!

The second day was the same farm but a different hedgerow, again it was nice and long, and again was going to take the day to complete, the weather had changed, it was still a nice day but winter had arrived and with a vengeance!!

I love doing hedgerows, especially this time of year, you can actually see what you are doing without a mass of leaves everywhere

as usual whenever theres a great deal of hedgeroots, one of the ferrets decides your gonna need to dig to get to it

And dig we did.........

...............and did!!!!

but its always worth it when you find the prize at the bottom of the hole!!
and by the end of the weekend, we had a shedful of rabbits, 67 in total, so the next few days will be spent turning them into good wholesome food.
Catching them is great fun, but surely the most enjoyable task is turning them into something that most people wouldn't eat because its a fluffy bunny!! Can't understand how they can eat meat that has been forced to ingest growth hormones and that has travelled halfway round the world in a container that doesn't decompose for around 60 years (yes I mean Polystyrene), yet turn there nose up at something that is fat free, helps to lower cholestrol and has lived a full and active life until its final day eating natural foodstuffs and running round in a totally cage free environment!! but hey ho, theres nothing more strange than the consumer!!

Happy Hunting.


  1. what a weekend you had buddy

  2. absolutely awesome mate, had a cracking time, I just wished i'd remembered my camera, cos the phone hasn't done the scenery any justice!!